• This week in Tessel: First batch of Tessel 2, OpenWRT issues, Python, and more

    Sunday, August 16, 2015

    Hello again Tesselators! This Week in Tessel is where we highlight the latest news, projects, and events, from code, to community, to hardware manufacturing.

    Hardware and shipping update: We received our first manufacturing batch of 91 Tessels and are very satisfied with the result. Our growing list of Team Members have and started ramping up on PRs, issues, and projects.

    FCC Issues Blocking Release: We have a software issue preventing us from completing FCC certification. We’re working actively to solve this, as this blocks us from shipping Tessel. Read more about it on our tracking issue. If you have OpenWRT experience, we’d love your help! Reach out to team@technical.io.

    Module Selection: If you pre-ordered a Tessel 2, surveys for module selection went out on July 16th. If you never got that email, please contact [support@tessel.io](mailto:support@tessel.io.

    Python on Tessel: We’ve started a Tessel Python Working Group. Interested in Python, Tessel, or IoT? Reach out to @timcameronryan on Twitter.

    In other news: We’re on Reddit! Visit /r/Tessel, if that’s your thing.

    New Projects: eiriksm has been tracking beer fermentation and published tessel-plops-logger and tessel-temp-logger

    Events: Coming up on August 16th (this Sunday), Hardware Hacking with FirefoxOS, Tessel 2 & Rust is happening in Leonie-Reygers-Terrasse, Dortmund.

    Thanks for reading! Submit to the next This Week in Tessel with your projects, or tweet us at @technicalhumans.

    The Tessel Project team

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  • This week in Tessel: Shipping update, Hanselminutes, new projects

    Saturday, July 11, 2015

    Welcome back, Tesselators! This Week in Tessel is where we highlight the latest news, projects, and events, from code, to community, to hardware manufacturing.

    Hardware and shipping update: The first Tessel 2s should ship in early September! The hardware team is just getting back from a couple of weeks in China where they worked with manufacturers, creating a few test batches and ironing out a quality assurance process.

    The hardware is now undergoing FCC certification testing, (expected 4 weeks) and then it will take another 4 weeks or so to ramp up manufacturing.

    We’re currently working on a way to add modules to orders; if you have a T2 order, look for an email in the next couple of weeks.

    Tessel on Hanselminutes: Podcast Hanselminutes featured Kelsey Breseman last week, talking about Tessel 2, ubiquitous computing, and hardware that’s simple.

    New Projects: João Parreira created a real time dashboard with photos. Sami Lamti wrote an NPM module that lets you fake blinking lights in your console while you wait for the hardware.

    Tessels around the world: Tessels were spotted in Japan at a Milkcocoa meetup and in Warsaw at an SAP CodeJam.

    Thanks for tuning in! Submit to the next This Week in Tessel on its repo.

    Until next time, The Tessel Project team

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  • This Week in Tessel – June 24, 2015

    Wednesday, June 24, 2015

    Welcome back, Tesselators! This Week in Tessel is where we highlight the latest news, projects, and events, from code, to community, to hardware manufacturing.

    Tessel in China

    The hardware team is in Shenzhen, getting ready to ramp up production. Follow the adventure live at #tessel2china.

    This week we’ll be on site as our manufacturer runs a 100 unit pre-production batch. After these units pass testing, we’ll begin the FCC & CE certification process before starting main production.

    Engineering Developments

    Itching to design some Tessel 2 projects? You’re in luck! Kelsey led the effort to release Tessel 2’s first hardware API docs, and Rick Waldron is in the review stages of creating a Tessel 2 Fritzing part, which will be out soon. Between that and the VM, you can basically build and test an entire Tessel 2 project before your boards arrive.


    Contribution party: Want to get involved in the Tessel project? We’re having an online contribution party tonight at 5:30pm PST. Join our chat (or come in person if you’re in the Bay Area) and we can help you get started.

    Upcoming talks: Flaki and Dan Callaghan from Mozilla will be delivering an awe-inspiring, demo-filled presentation about using Rust on IoT hardware (hint: it’s Tessel 2) and Firefox OS at the Open Tech School conference in Germany!


    The Auth0 team made HyperLock for physical authorization on a Tessel 1. The Realtime Framework, a Pub/Sub broker, released an SDK specifically for Tessel. Have you made something cool on Tessel? Post it to the projects page!

    This Week in Tessel is sent out every week. Submit to the next issue! — The Tessel Project Team

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  • Welcoming Three New Team Members

    Wednesday, June 17, 2015

    This week we had three fantastic developers from three different countries join Tessel as the project’s first Team Members. We’re thrilled to have them on board not just to accelerate development of Tessel 2, but to provide the points of view and passion that make projects like Tessel thrive.


    From Hungary comes the renowned, Flaki (I don’t actually believe he has a surname). Flaki works at Mozilla and has a big supporter for both Rust and Tessel. It’s only natural that he will be contributing towards Rust tooling on Tessel 2!

    Kassandra Perch

    Kassandra Perch is a talented roboticist hailing from Texas. She is a very active member of both the Johnny-Five and Nodebots community so I’m super excited to see what JavaScript-powered robot overlords she builds with Tessel 2. Initially, she’s going to be helping us finish up the Tessel 2 CLI.

    Linus Unnebäck

    I only know that Linus writes excellent code and that he’s from Sweden (isn’t that the beauty of the internet?). Linus is one of the few developers who was able to understand the complexity that was the Tessel 1 Runtime and contribute to it. I’m excited to see how he contributes to the much more digestible Tessel 2 architecture.

    We’re all excited to have each of these excellent developers join the Tessel family and help us ship a powerful development board platform. Stay tuned for more updates!



  • This Week in Tessel – June 11, 2015

    Thursday, June 11, 2015

    Welcome back, Tesselators! This Week in Tessel is where we highlight the latest news, projects, and events, from code, to community, to hardware manufacturing.

    New Team Members

    The Tessel Project team is growing! We want to welcome new team members Flaki, Matteo Collina, Kassandra Perch, Nick van de Walle, Linus Unnebäck, Evan Simpson, and Dave Nugent. As part of the team, they add and review contributions to the Tessel repos. Expect to see their introductions on the blog soon.

    Manufacturing Update

    Tessel 2 is ready for production! In exactly one week, Jia, Eric, and Kevin will be flying to China to oversee the manufacturing and testing of all 3000 new Tessel 2s. This begins with a pilot run of 100 boards and validating our testing process in person. Once we’re satisfied, the remaining Tessel 2s will be produced. Following that, the boards will undergo four or so weeks of FCC and CE certification. All told, we expect Tessel 2s to be shipped to customers in late August to early September.

    Developing for Tessel 2

    Tim has been focusing on developer tools, and this week released t2-compiler: a utility to compiling binary modules for Tessel 2. Check out the project for an example of how to use it today with the Tessel 2 VM. Also this week, Rick and Jon have been working together to build out a comprehensive test suite for the Tessel CLI.

    New Tessel Projects

    The folks at SynergyKit built a Tessel door that counts door opens and posts the activity to their backend. Milkcocoa: a pub/sub module for Tessel was demoed by Hirama Kiyohiko. Creating a DIY gesture sensor module was presented by Jia Huang and written up by Dave Nugent.

    Events and Conferences

    Learn about Tessel’s support for conference speakers and workshop leaders in Speaking at Conferences by Kelsey Breseman. Get inspired with Julian Cheal’s fantastic talk at JSConf Budapest in which he dances with drones among other things! Prefer the hackathon scene? Tessel is a prize in the upcoming TadHacks hackathon for Telecom Application Developers!

    This Week in Tessel is sent out every week, and we hope it plugs a joy and love module into your hearts. See you next time. — The Tessel Project Team

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