• Backer Update: Getting Ready to Ship Tessel 2 (!)

    Tuesday, February 2, 2016

    December 22, 2015

    Backers, great news! We’ve passed our FCC and CE certifications and have just started full-scale manufacturing.

    In the near term, we have a couple of action items for you:

    // TODO:

    1. Visit trycelery.com/myorders (http:////trycelery.com/myorders) and make sure your address is correct
    2. Check your payment information, either at the link above or on Paypal (depending on which you used) and make sure the card you used has not expired

    We will be charging pre-orders on January 4th. Please complete the above tasks (a ~1 minute effort) by then, as they ensure you will receive your Tessel 2.

    What happens next?

    1. Our manufacturer (Seeed) begins churning out boards: printing the circuit boards, assembling the chips, flashing and testing them with Testalators
    2. We keep improving the software (see current milestones (https://github.com/tessel/project/issues/106) - you’re welcome to join!)
    3. Seeed ships international orders; we will distribute orders in the United States
    4. Repeat steps 1 through 3 until everyone has their orders

    We’re extremely excited to move into this next phase, and hope you find Tessel 2 worth the wait.

    Much love, The Tessel Project

    #update #updates #shipping #tessel 2

  • This Week In Tessel: Another FCC Update, And Some Of The Things We've Been Working On

    Monday, November 9, 2015

    Hi Tesselators!

    It’s been a few weeks since the last This Week in Tessel – time for an update! We’ve been hard at work on the Tessel repos, building and growing the project.

    Shipping Timeline

    As many of you know, FCC testing has been a challenge for us, particularly reconclining our local hardware test setups with those of our FCC testing counterparts overseas (does “it worked on my computer” sound familiar? Even worse with hardware and a language barrier). But we have an end in sight! Seeed Studio expects us to have results from FCC testing back by Friday, November 27th.

    Once FCC certification is passed, sourcing the components will take up to 6 weeks. We expect at that point to start producing in batches of 500/week. As of now, we expect the first shipments out in mid-January.

    Please get in touch if the new date is an issue for you, and we’ll see what we can do: support@tessel.io.

    Get excited

    We’ve already built most of the Tessel Start experience for the Tessel 2 - give yourself a tour! We’ve also released a set of preliminary Tessel 2 docs to tessel.io/docs.

    We’re also excited to have finished open sourcing literally all of our repos, including (at long last) our website, tessel.io. Now, if you find something broken there, please submit an issue on Github, or better yet, send a pull request!

    Get involved

    Interested in helping build Tessel 2? We have two links for wonderful contributors like you:

    1. Tessel’s Slack so you can ask us questions and get help getting started
    2. The “Hardware Not Required” tag on our T2-CLI repo where you can build functionality and get familiar with Tessel before your Tessel 2 ships

    Welcome to the team

    Just taking a quick moment to call attention to all the people who have joined our growing volunteer contributor team. We’re happy to have you!

    New members from the last few months:

    Ravi Teja | Donovan Buck | Will Prater | Dave Nugent | Kevin Sidwar | Nicholas van de Walle | Daniel Bunzendahl | Amos King | Julian Cheal

    With love,
    The Tessel Project

    #tessel hardware community shipping

  • This Week in Tessel: Shipping timeline update and more

    Sunday, September 6, 2015

    Hello again Tesselators! This Week in Tessel is where we highlight the latest news, projects, and events, from code, to community, to hardware manufacturing.

    Shipping update: We just had a check-in on timeline, and there’s good news and bad news. The good news is we’re not blocked anymore; the bad news is we have to push back our estimated timeline on shipping Tessel 2 by a few months.

    We think we have a software fix in for the FCC certification issue that has been blocking us, as well as a hardware fix for a CE certification. The fixes are currently in testing, and we should hear back next week about the results.

    Since the CE issue fix requires new hardware components for static shielding, Tessel 2 requires another board revision (2 weeks). These revised boards will then be sent in again for FCC and CE certification. This takes 2-4 weeks.

    Pending full certifications, it will then take another 6 weeks or so to ramp up into full manufacturing. That means our current estimated ship date for Tessel 2 is revised to late November.

    If you need to update your order or address, you can access your order through Celery.

    Continued development: Meanwhile, on the software side, we’re continuing to build and improve on the command line interface for Tessel 2, which is now published to NPM. T2’s firmware also continues to grow. As always, you’re welcome to get involved.

    From the community: Featured projects this week are an alarmbot with IR and Voxbone and a promising Neopixel project. Thanks for sharing what you’ve made!

    Dojo foundation news: We’re also excited to see this public announcement that the jQuery and Dojo foundations are merging– here’s to the open web.

    That’s all for this week! Feel free to submit to the next newsletter. In the meantime, see you online.

    With love,
    The Tessel Project

    #twit #this week in tessel #update #updates #shipping #tessel #tessel project #dojo foundation #jquery foundation

  • This week in Tessel: First batch of Tessel 2, OpenWRT issues, Python, and more

    Sunday, August 16, 2015

    Hello again Tesselators! This Week in Tessel is where we highlight the latest news, projects, and events, from code, to community, to hardware manufacturing.

    Hardware and shipping update: We received our first manufacturing batch of 91 Tessels and are very satisfied with the result. Our growing list of Team Members have and started ramping up on PRs, issues, and projects.

    FCC Issues Blocking Release: We have a software issue preventing us from completing FCC certification. We’re working actively to solve this, as this blocks us from shipping Tessel. Read more about it on our tracking issue. If you have OpenWRT experience, we’d love your help! Reach out to team@technical.io.

    Module Selection: If you pre-ordered a Tessel 2, surveys for module selection went out on July 16th. If you never got that email, please contact [support@tessel.io](mailto:support@tessel.io.

    Python on Tessel: We’ve started a Tessel Python Working Group. Interested in Python, Tessel, or IoT? Reach out to @timcameronryan on Twitter.

    In other news: We’re on Reddit! Visit /r/Tessel, if that’s your thing.

    New Projects: eiriksm has been tracking beer fermentation and published tessel-plops-logger and tessel-temp-logger

    Events: Coming up on August 16th (this Sunday), Hardware Hacking with FirefoxOS, Tessel 2 & Rust is happening in Leonie-Reygers-Terrasse, Dortmund.

    Thanks for reading! Submit to the next This Week in Tessel with your projects, or tweet us at @technicalhumans.

    The Tessel Project team

    #this week in tessel #twit #python #tessel #tessel 2 #openwrt #fcc

  • This week in Tessel: Shipping update, Hanselminutes, new projects

    Saturday, July 11, 2015

    Welcome back, Tesselators! This Week in Tessel is where we highlight the latest news, projects, and events, from code, to community, to hardware manufacturing.

    Hardware and shipping update: The first Tessel 2s should ship in early September! The hardware team is just getting back from a couple of weeks in China where they worked with manufacturers, creating a few test batches and ironing out a quality assurance process.

    The hardware is now undergoing FCC certification testing, (expected 4 weeks) and then it will take another 4 weeks or so to ramp up manufacturing.

    We’re currently working on a way to add modules to orders; if you have a T2 order, look for an email in the next couple of weeks.

    Tessel on Hanselminutes: Podcast Hanselminutes featured Kelsey Breseman last week, talking about Tessel 2, ubiquitous computing, and hardware that’s simple.

    New Projects: João Parreira created a real time dashboard with photos. Sami Lamti wrote an NPM module that lets you fake blinking lights in your console while you wait for the hardware.

    Tessels around the world: Tessels were spotted in Japan at a Milkcocoa meetup and in Warsaw at an SAP CodeJam.

    Thanks for tuning in! Submit to the next This Week in Tessel on its repo.

    Until next time, The Tessel Project team

    #tessel #update #updates #this week in tessel #twit #shipping update #shipping #china #fcc #hanselminutes #podcast #project #kelsey breseman

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