• How to Expose a C Function up to JS Userspace on Tessel

    Wednesday, August 27, 2014

    8/27/2014– Jia Huang

    This document will be kept up to date on Github

    This tutorial goes over how to expose a C function to JS where the user can interact with it via any JS function.

    The function will pass this simple test case:

    var tessel = require('tessel');
    console.log("Can Tessel add?", 3 == tessel.add(1, 2));
    1. Clone down the tessel/firmware repo.
    2. Set up the firmware according to the tessel/firmware readme.
    3. Open up src/tessel.c. Add these lines

      uint32_t tessel_add(uint32_t x, uint32_t y)
          return x + y;
    4. Add this function to the header file. Open up src/tessel.h and add

      uint32_t tessel_add(uint32_t x, uint32_t y);
    5. Add the Lua binding. Open up src/hw/l_hw.c and add

      static int l_hw_add(lua_State* L)
          uint32_t x = (uint32_t)lua_tonumber(L, ARG1);
          uint32_t y = (uint32_t)lua_tonumber(L, ARG1+1);
          lua_pushnumber(L, tessel_add(x, y));
          return 1; // return 0 if the c function doesn't return a value
    6. Scroll down to the bottom of src/hw/l_hw.c where we’re defining all the JS function names in luaL_reg regs[] and add in the following entry:

      {"add", l_hw_add}

      So it should look something like:

      luaL_reg regs[] = {
          {"add", l_hw_add},
          // spi
          { "spi_initialize", l_hw_spi_initialize },
          { "spi_enable", l_hw_spi_enable },
    7. Add the JS bindings. Open up builtin/tessel.js and find this function:

      this.deviceId = function(){
          return hw.device_id();

      Add the following right below it

      this.add = function(x, y){ // the "this" object is referring to the "tessel" object
          return hw.add(x, y); // the "add" function here corresponds with the string in the lua binding. That's how we get from C -> Lua -> JS
    8. Go back to the main directory of the firmware repo and do a make arm. You should see an output like this

      [183/183] STAMP obj/tessel-firmware.actions_depends.stamp
      arm-none-eabi-size out/Release/tessel-firmware.elf out/Release/tessel-boot.elf out/Release/tessel-otp.elf
      text       data     bss     dec     hex filename
      824912     3576   24660  853148   d049c out/Release/tessel-firmware.elf
      30848      2260    3232   36340    8df4 out/Release/tessel-boot.elf
      6100      34272      36   40408    9dd8 out/Release/tessel-otp.elf

      This outputs the elf file for hardware debugging.

    9. Now go to out/Release/ and do an ls. You should see the following

      build.ninja              tessel-cc3k-patch.bin    tessel-firmware.bin.cpgz
      gen                      tessel-cc3k-patch.elf    tessel-firmware.elf
      obj                      tessel-erase.bin         tessel-firmware.hex
      tessel-boot.bin          tessel-erase.elf         tessel-otp.bin
      tessel-boot.elf          tessel-firmware.bin      tessel-otp.elf

      Here’s what each of those do:

      • tessel-boot: bootloader for Tessel. Also writes the Tessel version number (04) in otp.
      • tessel-cc3k-patch: updates the firmware for the CC3000 wifi chip on Tessel. Current version is 1.28.
      • tessel-erase: erases all JS user code on Tessel.
      • tessel-firmware: the firmware for Tessel. This was just changed this to add the ’.add’ function.
    10. Overwrite the Tessel firmware with the new firmware you just built. In the Release directory:

      tessel update ./tessel-firmware.bin Don’t forget that ./ before tessel-firmware. It specifies a local path. Otherwise tessel update will look for firmware patches on our build server.

    11. Now run the test code you have for this function and it should pass.

    If you want to revert back to the original Tessel firmware, just run a tessel update --force which will force Tessel to update to the newest release version.

    This document will be kept up to date on Github

    #tessel #c #js #javascript #compiler #native #lua #js on hardware #jia huang

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