• Tessel Projects Page, New Hire, and More

    Tuesday, August 12, 2014

    8/12/2014– Updates

    Tessel Projects Portal

    We’d like to invite you to try our new (beta) projects portal! Check it out at projects.tessel.io. Find ideas of what to build next, get example code, show the community what you’re capable of building. We’re excited to see the things you’ve made!


    In the last month, we..

    • Published a bunch of firmware updates, JS/Node compatibility fixes, and wifi improvements (see the changelogs)
    • Exposed Wifi in the JS
    • Wrote the BLE getting started guide
    • Successfully ported LuaJIT to ARM Cortex M3 on PC. We still need to get it working on Tessel itself to realize the speed improvements. Look for a timeline soon!
    • Beefed up our testing infrastructure so that we can run a suite of tests on every module with every change to the firmware or module drivers
    • Sponsored Nodebots day

    We also made progress on:

    • Building out the backend infrastructure for remote code deployment. Over the next week, we need to add the firmware-level changes to accept tarballs over Wifi
    • Putting together a better internal system of engagement metrics (support, sales, sponsorship, etc.) so we can work with you more effectively
    • Rewriting our JS->Lua translator in C so that we can eventually compile on Tessel itself. This will allow the use of functions like eval() and Function()

    Company-wise, we made a hire! We’re pleased to announce Ken Nierenhausen is joining our team. One of his focuses will be improving Node compatibility (near and dear to all of our hearts).

    The docs repo is continually growing and changing. At the moment, the repo holds more tutorials than we link to on tessel.io/docs, so feel free to poke around. We’ll try to highlight some of these documents in upcoming blog posts.

    Research and Development

    Expect to see blog posts soon regarding our efforts in R&D. We’re currently looking into:

    • Potential new modules
    • A new version of Tessel
    • Tools to help you transition from a prototype to a scalable embedded system
    • Expanding the Tessel module ecosystem to other platforms (so far we have the Tessel library working on the Raspberry Pi and Cubieboard: node module [pre-production])

    All of these will take some time to develop, but what we wanted to let you in on what we’re exploring. We’d love to hear from you on the Forums or via email!

    See you on the forums,
    Eric, Jia, Jon, Kelsey, Ken, Kevin, Tim, Evan, Nathan, and Paige

    #update #tessel #technical machine #hiring #new hire #projects #portal #updates

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