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    Friday, August 1, 2014

    8/1/2014– Kelsey Breseman

    Since Tessel has come out, people have been building tools and tutorials to work with the platform. Internally, we’ve been building tutorials as they become relevant, and externally, community members have published npm libraries either specifically for Tessel or to make Tessel work better with existing hardware and software.

    Throughout, I’ve been quietly collecting these links. However, I realized my list would be much more useful published– so here you go.

    I’ll be keeping it up to date on Github here. Please PR if there’s anything I’m missing!




    # USB message passing
    USB communication between Tessel and Node on your PC.

    # Getting started with BLE
    A guide to Bluetooth Low Energy for beginners, particularly flavored for Tessel.

    # External GPIO Pin Interrupts API
    External interrupts are used for getting updated from other sensors or the environment that something has changed. It allows the processesor to work on other tasks until the state of a pin is altered at which point hardware processes take over and handle the interrupt.

    # SPI Locks and Raw Transfers
    Tutorial on SPI communication.


    # Expose a C function up to JS userspace
    This tutorial goes over how to expose a C function to JS where the user can interact with it via any JS function.

    # Debugging Tessel
    You can debug Tessel by soldering JTAG headers to the board and using a JTAG debugger. This tutorial asummes you are using a Bus Blaster and an associated JTAG 20 -> 10 pin adapter.


    # Powering Tessel
    Powering Tessel through an external power source

    # Adding a Wifi Antenna
    How to add a Wifi antenna to Tessel to improve Wifi reception

    # Connecting Arduino and Tessel
    This is a tutorial for how to pass data back and forth between an Arduino and a Tessel.

    Software tools

    Development tools

    # tiny-router
    A simple routing library targeting embedded system where every byte counts

    # tesselate
    A dependency injector for tessel modules, abstracting away the need to nest multiple ‘ready’ listeners and callbacks within each other, or use promises or generators (or multiple, internal loaded flags)

    # avr-isp
    Library to allow Tessel to act as an AVR In-System Programmer

    # grunt-tessel
    Grunt tasks to aid tessel development

    # mockfs
    Virtual in-memory file system accessible through native FS module

    # tesselbot
    A chainable tessel rebot made for building simple apps easier

    Multi-language support

    # lua-tessel
    A CLI that enables the scripting of a Tessel device in Lua

    # Rust on Tessel
    Examples of the Rust language running on Tessel


    # cylon-tessel
    Cylon.js is a JavaScript framework for robotics and physical computing using Node.js

    # Plotly example
    Tessel + Plotly streaming example

    # m2x-tessel
    AT&T M2X API client for node.js based Tessel

    Hardware libraries

    Beyond the modules, libraries and examples for connecting with Tessel.

    # pir
    Node library for a PIR motion detector

    # tessel-ht16k33
    Use the Adafruit HT16K33 LED Backpack with your Tessel

    # tessel-button
    API to provide more feedback / options to the single tessel ‘config’ button

    # neopixels
    Library to run a strand of neopixels from Tessel

    # ir-codes
    Generates signal buffers for different infrared device manufacturers


    # Technical Machine contribution guide
    A thorough explanation of how the Tessel software architecture works as a whole, descriptions of the individual pieces, and the processes for contributing code

    # Technical Machine style guide
    Defines style for Technical Machine code, docs, and directories, particularly Tessel modules

    # RFC category on the Tessel forums
    Technical Machine & community members request comments on APIs and projects

    This document will be kept up to date here

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