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    Thursday, July 10, 2014

    7/10/2014– Updates

    It’s been about a month since we started shipping, and things have been overwhelming. Let me try to catch you up:


    We have a contribution guide! We’re still working on filling it out, but please PR/add GH issues for anything you want to see there.

    Here are a few tools we’ve seen so far:

    Hopefully the contribution guide makes this sort of project easier– and if you’re looking for a way to help out, we’ve started a task list in the contribution guide repo.


    We’re also starting to see some cool projects. Probably the showiest is Eran Hammer’s LED fireworks display from Nodeconf, Rob Hidalgo is definitely the most prolific– see his YouTube channel– and the youngest person’s project we’ve seen so far is a temperature gauge by Dunmail Hodkinson’s daughter. We’ve also started collecting more on our company Pinterest.

    In order to properly showcase your projects, we’re working on a projects portal. It’s tailored to helping people share what they’ve made on Tessel in a replicable way– link to GitHub code, pictures and videos, text for instructions, metadata re modules, etc. Expect to see it live in the next week or two– and in the meantime, please take pictures of what you make!

    Orders and Support

    All of the pre-orders have been shipped, and we’re continuously sending out new orders. We’re working on improving the fulfillment process; it’s been shaky, and we apologize sincerely. Kelsey is in the process of writing a blog post about that process and our plans for better support.

    That said, it’s possible we’ve missed a few support requests while figuring out our system. If you have been waiting on a response from us for more than a day, please email again to support@technical.io and we’ll make sure to get back to you right away.

    Meanwhile, we’ve seen really wonderful engagement on the forums. Thanks for surfacing issues, fixing each other’s problems, and bringing up your ideas. Keep it up!


    Meanwhile, we’ve written a bit to the blog, mostly introducing our three summer interns (Paige, Evan, and Nathan):

    All right, other than bug fixes, Nodeconf, and tracking parcels, that about sums up what we’ve been working on! Look forward to some cool R&D soon.

    All the best, Kelsey, Jon, Kevin, Paige, Eric, Nathan, Jia, Tim, and Evan

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