• Tessel Run Internship

    Tuesday, July 8, 2014

    7/8/2014 - Nathan Lintz

    Hi TM Blog Readers,

    I’m Nathan Lintz - aspiring DJ, JavaScript ninja, and Technical Machine intern. In my spare time I like to create playlists on Spotify and read Pitchfork to stay up to date on whatever music craze is sweeping the indie charts.

    Coffee Time

    For the past two summers, I worked as a front end web engineer at Intuit, where I developed a passion for making beautiful user interfaces. As a UI designer, I was frustrated by the limited interaction possibilities afforded by software platforms. What draws me to hardware is the ability to create new user interactions that are impossible on purely software platforms.

    With software alone, we are limited to a small set of gestures such as swipe, hover, and pinch. I am interested in leveraging the hardware capabilities of the Tessel to build new forms of user interaction which were previously impossible on a software platform. For example, using the climate module, a program can detect changes in the user’s environment. A clever interface might use this data to blend the UI with the user’s surroundings. An application could use hot colors if it detects the user is outdoors on a sunny day or it might use cool colors if the user is indoors.

    Since starting my internship, I’ve been working on some side projects which connect real world devices to software applications. Last week, I wrote an app which sent accelerometer data from the Tessel to my laptop’s mouse using a custom Objective C library that I wrote. I plan to abstract this Objective C library into a framework for controlling any Mac functionality from any Tessel module.

    In the coming weeks, I want to build even more devices that can communicate directly with my Mac’s hardware. Some ideas I have are controlling Spotify via text messages or adjusting my screen’s brightness based on the ambient light in the room. If you’re interested in helping me out with these projects, send me a message nathan@technical.io and I’ll send you the library. You can also follow me on Github (nlintz) to see my up and coming Tessel creations.

    #nathan lintz #technical intern #summer 2014 #user interface #user interaction

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