• New Intern #2 - Introducing Evan

    Monday, June 30, 2014

    6/30/2014 - Evan Simpson

    Last month I left my internship at the world’s largest single-site employer with over 70,000 employees to come join Technical Machine’s team of 6. Well, maybe that’s a little bit misleading. You see they weren’t employees, they were cast members, and they all referred to a single mouse as their boss.

    Hey there, I’m Evan, one of the three new interns at Technical Machine, and if you haven’t figured it out yet, I left my job at Walt Disney World in Florida to be here. I made the switch for the same reason many other people choose smaller companies - to have a larger impact. After just a few short weeks here I can say without a doubt that I’ve already accomplished more at Technical Machine than at any other company I’ve worked for. Not only have I been responsible for making improvements to firmware and modules like BLE and RFID, but I’ve also had the opportunity to share what I’ve learned on our forums, and help community members resolve some of the issues they’ve run in to.

    Me standing in a parking lot

    My biggest goal for the summer is to help make the Tessel and its modules as easy to use as possible. I’ll be spending plenty of time improving the BLE library and contributing to full node compatibility in our runtime. Having a predominantly software background means I still have a lot to learn about hardware, but the team has been very supportive and has helped me learn a lot already.

    That’s enough about work - let’s hear some more about me. I move around the country quite often, so I typically spend my weekends exploring whatever new area I’m living in. Bonus points for me whenever I stumble across that restaurant that doesn’t look like anything special but actually has the most amazing food. You know the one - the one only the locals know about. Aside from restaurants, I also enjoy checking out museums and finding a nice trail for running or hiking. When I’m not working full time, I’m actually still a student at Olin College of Engineering, working towards a degree with the words “Engineering” and “Computer” somewhere in the name. I’ve still got one year left come September, and the closer it gets the more excited I am to graduate.

    Watch for more posts from me in the future, probably about BLE, and feel free to reach out anytime on Twitter @evanmsimpson, our forums, or email at evan at technical.io. I’m really excited to be working at Technical Machine where I can surround myself with knowledgeable people, and hopefully learn a lot this summer.


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