• Updates: Manufacturing and Testing

    Wednesday, January 22, 2014

    1/22/2014— Updates


    We got a batch of 50 Tessels from our manufacturer this week. We will test them before we give the go-ahead to start on the rest of the production run.


    It is taking us longer than anticipated to finish up the test rigs and send the rest of the 5 modules into manufacturing. Unfortunately, this delay runs into the Chinese New Year, so our manufacturer will be taking the next week off. This will probably delay delivery beyond the amount mentioned in our last email. We’ll let everyone know by exactly how long when we get dates from our manufacturer.


    Our BLE module is a system on a chip (SoC) that runs its own firmware, separate from Tessel. We were able to write a programmer for it so that Tessel will be able to update it without a proprietary debugger. This means you will be able to select different Bluetooth Profiles to load onto the module. If you have a Windows machine, you’ll even be able to completely customize your profile with BlueGiga’s development tools (look out for a tutorial on that topic!).


    We did another revision of the GPRS board to make it a bit smaller. Here it is sending us a text message:


    A few months ago we announced that we were splitting IR from the rest of the ambient module. The change took us longer than anticipated, but here’s the new IR module:

    And here’s Jon testing it with a tv remote. Earlier, he tested from across our shared coworking space– a distance of probably around 30 ft.

    Upcoming Events

    • 1/27 Cambridge, MA– Kelsey is speaking at Rough Draft Ventures’ sketch “Women in Technology, Now and Next”. Free tickets.
    • 1/28 Cambridge, MA– Tim is speaking at Cambridge Hackspace’s “Hacking your idea into a business”. Meetup link.
    • 5/28-30 Amelia Island, FL– Some or all of us will definitely be at JSConf. Tickets.

    One more thing…

    We were nominated for Postscapes’ Internet of Things awards– we’d appreciate if you’d vote for us!

    Here’s to our final push,

    Kelsey, Eric, Jia, Tim, Jon & Kevin

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