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    Monday, November 18, 2013

    11/18/2013— Updates


    We shipped out Tessels to the November Beta Testers last week.

    Along the way of preparing for that, we’ve identified a few issues with the hardware that we’ll fix in the next revision. We’ll send those designs out to the manufacturer next Friday and hopefully getting back another revision of Tessel early December. We left extra room in our schedule in case we needed to do another prototype run, so we’re still on track for shipping in February.


    Remember that ambient sensor we made way back when? We finally finished evaluating it and the base design is working well. We’ll be making a few tweaks to the hardware so that we can pick up quieter sounds. We’re also playing around with adding an ultraviolet LED to the module. Because anything under a blacklight is cool.

    We’ve switched from the GlobalTop to the A2235-H gps module. The usage for both is the same (they both send over NEMA strings) and additionally the A2235-H is easily sourceable.

    We just finished assembling the first revision of the GPRS module today.

    The capacitors are probably a little… overkill. But it’s always easier to over-engineer and remove pieces than go the other way around. We’ll be checking it for electrical stability over the next few days and revising our hardware design.

    As always, you can see what we’re working on at tessel.io/status.

    Keep in touch,
    Kelsey, Jia, Tim, Eric, and Jon

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