• Introducing Kelsey

    Friday, October 18, 2013

    10/18/2013— Kelsey Breseman

    Dear readers,

    Following up on Eric’s introductory blog post of last week, it’s time for me to introduce myself as well.

    I’m Kelsey Breseman, and among other roles on the team, I write most of the content for our blog, website, and emails. I wrote our first company blog post this summer, introducing Jon, Jia, and Tim under the alias of “the Ghost in the Machine”. Since then, my role has expanded to cover all of marketing, and is also leaning over into human resources and community engagement.

    Like the four other members of the team, I’m a 2013 graduate of Olin College. My degree is in Neural Engineering, which at an undergraduate level means I have taken a few neuroscience classes and done some electrical engineering and programming, but I probably won’t be designing Skynet or installing mind control devices in humans for at least a couple more years.

    In the meanwhile, I’m useful to Technical Machine because I have a few characteristics unusual for an engineer: I ran a newspaper, have some experience in HR, and previously worked as a community manager for an online community of makers.

    You can see a great number of my projects here– mostly non-technical– but I think you’ll find these most interesting:

    Lately, I’ve been going to conferences, talking to investors, maintaining Accounting, keeping up our blog/Twitter/Facebook presence, and taking crash courses in Finance and Node.js (courtesy of Tim & Jia). Soon, I should be working out our hiring practices, researching potential integrations, and generally thinking about the future of the company. That is, when I’m not badgering my teammates to contribute their own thoughts to the blog.

    Stay in touch! I’m @selkeymoonbeam on Twitter, or kelsey at technical.io.

    Kelsey Breseman

    #tessel #Kelsey Breseman #technical machine #company culture

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