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    Thursday, October 10, 2013

    10/9/2013— Eric Kolker

    Hey, readers! My name is Eric and I’m an– scratch that– the quasi-dedicated electrical engineer on the team. I joined Technical Machine as a consultant in June, and was thrilled to be offered an official spot.

    First, some electrical engineering creds. Prior to creating next-gen, web-ready microcontrollers, my portfolio included audio visualizers (analog and FPGA-based variants), a switched-mode current source, a class D audio amplifier integrated circuit (design files and bare metal layout shown below), a “self-balancing, two-wheeled, rideable platform” (coughsegwaycoughcough), and an ultra high bandwidth, high speed wireless data link for next generation CT scanners. My name may even be in space soon, on a few PCBs I designed in high school for a picosatellite that’s finally supposed to be launching in a month or two.

    image   image

    I’ve worked with NASA, Boston Dynamics (have you seen the new Wildcat video? Holy clockballs.), and Microsoft, and have helped build things like reactive night lights and high precision tactile feedback sensors over the years as an independent contractor.

    Since joining up, I’ve owned the redesign of the Tessel hardware and have been the primary force behind bringing modules online and pushing them out the door. I’ve also been busy enforcing best practices on the electrical side and working to help make sure the leap we encourage and enable from software to hardware has a gentle and well-documented landing.

    In the coming weeks I’ll be taking another pass at the Tessel board and continuing to make our physical offerings as nice as our digital ones. I’ve also got another post in the works about what it’s been like to join a team of software developers as a guy who, until very recently, didn’t speak JS. Stay tuned!


    #Tessel #electrical engineering #hello world #eric kolker #company culture

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