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    Tuesday, October 1, 2013

    #####9/30/2013— [Updates](/blog/"http://www.dragoninnovation.com/projects/22-tessel" target="_blank">you can now order a module that has SIM card support. Tweet this.

    The next stretch goal module will be at $160k, and will be one of the following:

    nRF24 – low power wireless communication with mesh capabilities (good for tying lots of Tessels together without WiFi)

    IMU – accelerometer, gyroscope, and algorithms to calculate position and heading (good for more advanced motion tracking

    Thermocouples – high-precision temperature measurement that works in liquids, too (good for monitoring high temperatures at a distance)

    Other – do you have a better idea? Let us know!

    We sent out a survey to our backers earlier today so they could choose– look for an update soon!


    Tessel at RealtimeConf (Portland Oct 18/19)

    Continuing the West Coast tour, Tessel is coming to RealtimeConf! The conference takes place in Portland, October 18th & 19th. Speakers include Brendan Eich, Isaac Schlueter, and Amber Case–so obviously we’re excited to be there. Come say hi and try programming on Tessel!

    Get $100 off on tickets by entering the discount code ‘TESSELATIONS’.

    Additionally, Realtimeconf just announced a scholarship ticket for women– read more about it here.


    Website Redesign

    We refreshed Tessel.io last week– we’ll continue to update the site with new information about Tessel even after our crowdfunding campaign. Particularly of note is the new Modules page, with information about each module.


    San Francisco Tour

    Jon and Kelsey visited the offices of GitHub, Firebase, Twitter, and Heroku to talk about the future of web development. Thanks to all our attendees! Slides from the talks are available here.


    Jon talking at Github. Photo credit to @reyner.

    #tessel #crowdfunding #GPRS #update

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