• Introducing Technical Machine

    Sunday, July 14, 2013

    7/14/2013— Kelsey Breseman

    “Technical Machine is empowering software developers to take embedded devices from plan to prototype to product with ScriptStick, an embedded microcontroller and WiFi chip that lets you use software development skills and tools to create physical, connected devices.”

    We’re working on it, but that statement captures the essence of Technical Machine: creating a hardware development platform for programmers.

    The Machine’s core are three engineers who began working together on teams at Olin College of Engineering, and together discovered their passion as programmers for enabling physical devices.

    Tim Ryan, native to Massachusetts, got started programming on the Commodore 64 and remembers AOL 3.0 fondly. His pet projects include writing compilers and writing games for vintage video game consoles. At last, these skills have finally come in handy.

    Jon McKay was originally drawn to robots; he and his friends founded a FIRST robotics team in his San Diego, CA high school. He is passionate about bringing his software development skills to bear on the physical world.

    Jialiya Huang, of North Carolina, is an electrical and computer engineer who can’t help but improve life through automation.

    The team currently works from the offices of Highland Capital Partners, who selected them as one of nine promising teams out of 900 applicants to their startup accelerator program. They can be found in the office on nights and weekends, working hard or perhaps simply escaping the heat of the un-air-conditioned apartment they share.

    The Ghost in the Machine

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