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    Friday, August 9, 2013

    8/9/2013— Kelsey Breseman

    We’re in our last few weeks at Highland Capital’s offices, and things are really coming together for a launch inside of a month.

    We picked a product name!
    That news is about a week old, but in case you haven’t heard, our board is called Tessel.

    That decided, we ran a design contest for a logo. After iterating with a few designers, we are pleased to announce our logo:

    We picked the name Tessel partially because our microcontroller boards will fit together with other physical modules we’re producing, each of which plugs in to give the board new capabilities: sensors, actuators, hookup to Arduino, et cetera (you can see the full listing on our website). But since they fit together so nicely, we’re considering calling the combination of a Tessel board and its modules a Tesselation.

    Conveniently, our new logo is dynamic; we can swap out the T logo in its center and sub in slick icons for each of the modules:

    Pretty classy, right? We can print these icons right onto our module boards so it’s easy to see what each one does.

    Modules were submitted for manufacture yesterday, so we should have them back to play with early next week.

    Tim’s been working on our website all week, too. It will probably keep changing a fair amount, but you can see it in its current state at technical.io. Note the new About Us page.

    As always, we’ve also been working on our board. Tessel v.1 was submitted for manufacture last week.

    We’re getting them in today- fingers crossed that everything works the way it’s supposed to!

    That about wraps it up for now, but hopefully we’ll have more exciting news to share soon.

    Until then,
    I remain,
    —The Ghost in the Machine

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