• This Week In Tessel: Another FCC Update, And Some Of The Things We've Been Working On

    Monday, November 9, 2015

    Hi Tesselators!

    It’s been a few weeks since the last This Week in Tessel – time for an update! We’ve been hard at work on the Tessel repos, building and growing the project.

    Shipping Timeline

    As many of you know, FCC testing has been a challenge for us, particularly reconclining our local hardware test setups with those of our FCC testing counterparts overseas (does “it worked on my computer” sound familiar? Even worse with hardware and a language barrier). But we have an end in sight! Seeed Studio expects us to have results from FCC testing back by Friday, November 27th.

    Once FCC certification is passed, sourcing the components will take up to 6 weeks. We expect at that point to start producing in batches of 500/week. As of now, we expect the first shipments out in mid-January.

    Please get in touch if the new date is an issue for you, and we’ll see what we can do: support@tessel.io.

    Get excited

    We’ve already built most of the Tessel Start experience for the Tessel 2 - give yourself a tour! We’ve also released a set of preliminary Tessel 2 docs to tessel.io/docs.

    We’re also excited to have finished open sourcing literally all of our repos, including (at long last) our website, tessel.io. Now, if you find something broken there, please submit an issue on Github, or better yet, send a pull request!

    Get involved

    Interested in helping build Tessel 2? We have two links for wonderful contributors like you:

    1. Tessel’s Slack so you can ask us questions and get help getting started
    2. The “Hardware Not Required” tag on our T2-CLI repo where you can build functionality and get familiar with Tessel before your Tessel 2 ships

    Welcome to the team

    Just taking a quick moment to call attention to all the people who have joined our growing volunteer contributor team. We’re happy to have you!

    New members from the last few months:

    Ravi Teja | Donovan Buck | Will Prater | Dave Nugent | Kevin Sidwar | Nicholas van de Walle | Daniel Bunzendahl | Amos King | Julian Cheal

    With love,
    The Tessel Project

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