• This week in Tessel: Shipping update, Hanselminutes, new projects

    Saturday, July 11, 2015

    Welcome back, Tesselators! This Week in Tessel is where we highlight the latest news, projects, and events, from code, to community, to hardware manufacturing.

    Hardware and shipping update: The first Tessel 2s should ship in early September! The hardware team is just getting back from a couple of weeks in China where they worked with manufacturers, creating a few test batches and ironing out a quality assurance process.

    The hardware is now undergoing FCC certification testing, (expected 4 weeks) and then it will take another 4 weeks or so to ramp up manufacturing.

    We’re currently working on a way to add modules to orders; if you have a T2 order, look for an email in the next couple of weeks.

    Tessel on Hanselminutes: Podcast Hanselminutes featured Kelsey Breseman last week, talking about Tessel 2, ubiquitous computing, and hardware that’s simple.

    New Projects: João Parreira created a real time dashboard with photos. Sami Lamti wrote an NPM module that lets you fake blinking lights in your console while you wait for the hardware.

    Tessels around the world: Tessels were spotted in Japan at a Milkcocoa meetup and in Warsaw at an SAP CodeJam.

    Thanks for tuning in! Submit to the next This Week in Tessel on its repo.

    Until next time, The Tessel Project team

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