• This Week in Tessel – June 24, 2015

    Wednesday, June 24, 2015

    Welcome back, Tesselators! This Week in Tessel is where we highlight the latest news, projects, and events, from code, to community, to hardware manufacturing.

    Tessel in China

    The hardware team is in Shenzhen, getting ready to ramp up production. Follow the adventure live at #tessel2china.

    This week we’ll be on site as our manufacturer runs a 100 unit pre-production batch. After these units pass testing, we’ll begin the FCC & CE certification process before starting main production.

    Engineering Developments

    Itching to design some Tessel 2 projects? You’re in luck! Kelsey led the effort to release Tessel 2’s first hardware API docs, and Rick Waldron is in the review stages of creating a Tessel 2 Fritzing part, which will be out soon. Between that and the VM, you can basically build and test an entire Tessel 2 project before your boards arrive.


    Contribution party: Want to get involved in the Tessel project? We’re having an online contribution party tonight at 5:30pm PST. Join our chat (or come in person if you’re in the Bay Area) and we can help you get started.

    Upcoming talks: Flaki and Dan Callaghan from Mozilla will be delivering an awe-inspiring, demo-filled presentation about using Rust on IoT hardware (hint: it’s Tessel 2) and Firefox OS at the Open Tech School conference in Germany!


    The Auth0 team made HyperLock for physical authorization on a Tessel 1. The Realtime Framework, a Pub/Sub broker, released an SDK specifically for Tessel. Have you made something cool on Tessel? Post it to the projects page!

    This Week in Tessel is sent out every week. Submit to the next issue! — The Tessel Project Team

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