• This Week in Tessel – June 11, 2015

    Thursday, June 11, 2015

    Welcome back, Tesselators! This Week in Tessel is where we highlight the latest news, projects, and events, from code, to community, to hardware manufacturing.

    New Team Members

    The Tessel Project team is growing! We want to welcome new team members Flaki, Matteo Collina, Kassandra Perch, Nick van de Walle, Linus Unnebäck, Evan Simpson, and Dave Nugent. As part of the team, they add and review contributions to the Tessel repos. Expect to see their introductions on the blog soon.

    Manufacturing Update

    Tessel 2 is ready for production! In exactly one week, Jia, Eric, and Kevin will be flying to China to oversee the manufacturing and testing of all 3000 new Tessel 2s. This begins with a pilot run of 100 boards and validating our testing process in person. Once we’re satisfied, the remaining Tessel 2s will be produced. Following that, the boards will undergo four or so weeks of FCC and CE certification. All told, we expect Tessel 2s to be shipped to customers in late August to early September.

    Developing for Tessel 2

    Tim has been focusing on developer tools, and this week released t2-compiler: a utility to compiling binary modules for Tessel 2. Check out the project for an example of how to use it today with the Tessel 2 VM. Also this week, Rick and Jon have been working together to build out a comprehensive test suite for the Tessel CLI.

    New Tessel Projects

    The folks at SynergyKit built a Tessel door that counts door opens and posts the activity to their backend. Milkcocoa: a pub/sub module for Tessel was demoed by Hirama Kiyohiko. Creating a DIY gesture sensor module was presented by Jia Huang and written up by Dave Nugent.

    Events and Conferences

    Learn about Tessel’s support for conference speakers and workshop leaders in Speaking at Conferences by Kelsey Breseman. Get inspired with Julian Cheal’s fantastic talk at JSConf Budapest in which he dances with drones among other things! Prefer the hackathon scene? Tessel is a prize in the upcoming TadHacks hackathon for Telecom Application Developers!

    This Week in Tessel is sent out every week, and we hope it plugs a joy and love module into your hearts. See you next time. — The Tessel Project Team

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