• Tessel Project joins Dojo Foundation under open governance

    Thursday, May 21, 2015

    5/20/15– Tim Ryan

    We have an exciting announcement to make: Ownership and direction of the Tessel Project now belongs to a Steering Committee which exists independently of Technical Machine. This group exists as part of the Dojo Foundation. [ Tweet This ] [ Learn More ]

    Tessel has become the infrastructure to prototype and build Internet-connected devices, and the starting point for makers and developers to make their ideas into reality. The Internet of Things is still very young, and we at Technical Machine want to capitalize on the opportunity to make a huge impact on these technologies as they increasingly become part of our lives.

    The Tessel Project spins out the development of Tessel, its module ecosystem, and its intuitive tooling, while retaining the manufacturing relationships and expertise gained from selling Tessel the past two years. All royalties off of selling hardware will be reinvested into the project’s own development and outreach. Our goal is an open source project that rivals the availability, manufacturing capacity, and support of more established, but often locked-down hardware solutions.

    This move to open governance borrows heavily from io.js’s Technical Committee model. It adopts explicit communication policies, clear avenues for contribution, and a culture of encouraging new contributions. By moving toward open governance, we’re hoping to make the Tessel Project a leader and a model for an open community-driven project in the hardware space.

    Passionate about Nodebots, education, or makerspaces? Interested in exploring new concepts or bringing entire products to market? Get involved as a collaborator, and you’ll be supported by a community with like-minded goals and ambitions. Or join us on Slack and share your feedback. We’d love to hear from you!

    All the best,

    Tim, Jon, Kelsey, Jia, Eric, Kevin, Kwyn, and Ken

    PS: The Tessel 2 CLI can be worked on today without needing hardware by using the Tessel 2 Virtual Machine. There are plenty of open issues that we can use help on. What ideas will you bring to Tessel?

    #tessel #tessel 2 #hardware #open source #governance #io.js #node.js #javascript #web developers #dojo #announcement

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