• Community-Contributed and DIY Modules

    Tuesday, January 20, 2015

    1/20/2015– Updates

    We have a couple of small announcements for you:

    We now have international resellers in Japan, China, Australia, and the UK/EU. Check them out here!

    We’re also announcing a new module in our store: the DIY Module. It comes in single-wide, double-wide, and a kit including both sizes and a few electronic components.

    Community-contributed modules

    Complementing the fourteen plug-and-play first-party modules we built, there are currently nine third-party modules on our site. These are community-contributed projects, whereby someone publishes an npm abstraction for a piece of hardware and shows how to hook it up. Here are a few examples:

    OLED Display

    Proximity Sensor

    Matrix Keypad

    These aren’t quite as plug-and-play as first-party modules, but they’re well-documented, nicely abstracted into npm libraries, and often pretty cheap. Definitely check them out.

    (If you’ve made an npm module for using new hardware on Tessel, please submit your module to be listed as well!)

    DIY Modules

    We’re also announcing a new module in our store: the DIY Module. It comes in Single-wide DIY Module, Double-wide DIY Module, and a the DIY Module Kit. including both sizes and a few electronic components.

    Now, for those of you who want to take this a bit further, we’ve just added the Single-wide DIY Module, the Double-wide DIY Module, and the DIY Module Kit to our store. It has (unsoldered) 10-pin headers, labeled pins, and power and ground rails, and comes in regular-sized, double-wide (in case you’re making something big, like our RFID module), and a pack of both with some capacitors and buttons.

    (Above: DIY module original prototypes. Below: DIY Module Kit in store)

    If you’d like to get a bit more hands-on with electronics, we’ve written a Beginner Guide for module creation and a Companion Guide for understanding how different pieces of hardware talk to each other.

    We’ve tried to assume no electrical engineering experience, so please file issues on the guide repos if anything is confusing.

    Button Module

    EMIC 2 (Speech) Module

    Nokia Screen Module

    We hope you like it– this is a by-request module.

    We also have something bigger in the works, but we’re not quite ready to talk about it yet… stay tuned!

    Kelsey, Jia, Tim, Jon, Kwyn, Eric, Kevin, and Ken

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