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    Friday, December 19, 2014

    12/19/14– Updates

    Hope you’re all having a lovely December. We’ve been working hard, trying to get as much done as we can before all of the holiday madness sets in.

    Some of you may have noticed that we’re having some trouble keeping modules in stock– we really appreciate your enthusiasm, and we have hundreds of modules in the mail on the way to our warehouse, but shipping takes longer across the globe during holiday season.

    We’re doing our best to ship out orders as soon as possible, but those of you hoping for packages by Christmas might not get them in time. In case it helps, we made a little “it’s coming soon” printout you can give in the meantime, while you’re waiting for the package to arrive. You can download it here.

    Meanwhile, we wanted to tell you that we’re working on a Next Thing. We listened to your feedback, particularly about Wifi reliability and about the cost of Tessel, and something is in the works. We aren’t releasing the details yet, but we wanted you to know that we’re putting a lot of work into development. You can expect a product announcement early next year.

    Other stuff we’re working on:

    • The DIY module is a protoboard module for making your own Tessel modules. We should be adding that to our store within the next week or so– an email announcement is forthcoming.
    • There’s a new storefront in the works that we hope will make your Tessel shopping experience more pleasant and transparent. We’re hoping to push it live within the next couple of weeks.
    • Kelsey (ifoundthemeaningoflife on the projects page) has pledged to publish 30 projects in 30 days, from 12/16 to 1/16. She’s hoping to show off some cool use cases and projects with Tessel that you can replicate and remix into your own Tesselations. You can see the beginning of the 30-day streak on the projects page: https://projects.tessel.io/projects
    • There have been some subtle changes to start.tessel.io – featured projects have been added to the bottom of each module page. Check it out– if you have a project on the projects page, your work might be featured!

    From the community, here are some of our favorite recent projects:

    Keep in touch,
    Kelsey, Jia, Tim, Jon, Kwyn, Eric, Kevin, and Ken

    #update #updates #what's next #community #projects #shipping #logistics

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