• LuaJIT on Tessel: First Steps

    Tuesday, November 18, 2014

    11/18/2014– Updates

    Hello, Tessel aficionados!

    We recently released a 2-3x performance improvement to Tessel, in our first step toward integrating LuaJIT as part of our JavaScript stack. This is a big step for high-level languages on embedded devices, and is key to some much bigger (order of magnitude) performance upgrades we’re working on over the next month. Update normally with tessel update, and read more about it on the blog.

    We also continue to develop Fractal, our planned revolution in hardware production tools. We have decided to create our proof of concept on the Atmel’s SAMR21, and are fleshing out details of the system as a whole. Fractal is still in the design phase, and is being developed openly– so please read about it and discuss with us here.

    Finally, the company has made a new hire! Please welcome the eighth member of our company, Kwyn Alice Meagher. We’re very excited to have her as a full-time web developer– expect to see site improvements soon! (We’re still hiring for various other positions, including 2015 summer internships– check out the jobs page for more details.)

    Never a dull moment here at Technical Machine– here’s what else has been going on:

    We’d love to hear what you think about all these changes and ideas– get a discussion started on the Forums!

    All the best,
    Ken, Jia, Kevin, Tim, Jon, Kelsey, Kwyn, and Eric

    #update #updates #luajut #lua #javascript #embedded #fractal #hiring

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