• A Peek at Technical Machine's Plans

    Tuesday, October 14, 2014

    10/14/2014– Updates

    We’ve been talking to a lot of customers recently and brainstorming what our next most important projects are. As of today, much of this is now in R&D, and we want to keep you apprised.

    Taking prototypes into production is very difficult, almost occult. We’re reinventing this process with a new project called Fractal. Our vision is a tool to create software-defined hardware– helping automate the prototyping process, reducing work duplication, and allowing for transparency through the whole design process. You can read more about our progress so far here. We’ll be publishing more on this soon, and reach out to us if you want to learn more.

    Variations on next-generation Tessel research and development are in the works. Currently, we’re investigating a few smaller development targets: 6LoWpan, Wifi, BLE, and 3G connectivity. Expect to see more detailed product announcements within the next several months.

    Also in the pipeline are new Tessel modules! Here are some we’ve been working on, based on user suggestions:

    • A proto-module: a solderable module to make it easy to add your own capabilities to Tessel. This will be accompanied by some documentation about how to make your own module.
    • A soil moisture sensing module.
    • A biosensing module.

    What would you like to see next? Suggest modules here!

    Beyond research and development, here’s how we’ve been spending our time:

    • Events, workshops, and hackathons
    • Re-released the GPS module into the store
    • Talking with potential international distributors
    • Runtime improvements
    • Hiring (interested?)
    • Compiler improvements
    • Soliciting user feedback
    • Working on our pitch deck
    • Support, as always
    • Wifi improvements
    • Got a 6LoWPAN chip running (R&D)
    • Got closer to merging in LuaJIT

    We have a blog post up with various conferences and events that have a connection to Tessel– if you’re doing a Tessel-related talk or event, contact kelsey@technical.io and she’ll add you!

    All the best,
    Jon, Tim, Kelsey, Jia, Kevin, Ken, and Eric

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