About Tessel

Tessel is a community-driven project under open governance. Please see the project's homepage. The core team members can be found here. See more on the community page.

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Create a fully open source hardware & software platform that makes it easy and intuitive to develop Internet-connected devices. Decisions are steered by open governance, an inclusive community, and the goal of creating freely-licensed designs and tools.

Core philosophies

  • Developer experience is paramount. Tessel should be the fastest way to build an idea, regardless of your background (or lack thereof) in electrical engineering or computer programming. Branding, documentation, and engineering design decisions should always take this into account.
  • Device design should focus on user experience rather than on implementation. Tessel uses high level languages and modular plug & play hardware (see philosophy here) so that device creators can fully prototype and test device functionality before worrying about optimization and implementation specifics.
  • Openness promotes innovation. Tessel is fully open source, hardware and software, so that developers can create and build on these efforts, as projects and as products, without worry of legal hassle. This project seeks to expand and promote openness as a movement in both software and hardware, and be a leader in community developed hardware.
  • Tessel should be practical to use. Tessel as a platform cannot have a big impact unless it is cost effective, reliable, and available for purchase. It needs to be possible to purchase Tessel hardware at affordable prices, from quantity one up to production-level quantities (10,000+).
  • Community matters. This project should be a welcoming, inclusive, and respectful place. It’s important to communicate, to question, and to come together.