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Hardware development for software developers.

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Ships June 2014.

Tessel is a microcontroller that runs JavaScript. 
It's Node-compatible and ships with Wifi built in. 
Use it to easily make physical devices that connect to the web.

var tessel = require('tessel');
var servos = require('servo-pca9685')
var degrees = 0;
setInterval(function () {
  servos.moveServo(1, degrees);
  degrees = degrees == 0 ? 180 : 0;
}, 500);

How easy should hardware development be?

servo backgroundservo

Write code to make real things happen.

Tessel runs JavaScript—no server necessary. Just like web or mobile development, use your own IDE and libraries to program physical applications.

Tessel supports packages from npm to leverage the growing Node.js community and capabilities. That's HTTP, Twitter, web server, color, and async support right out of the box. Uploading new code is as easy as tessel push!

Tessel diagramTessel module diagram

Enable experiences past the web.

Tessel supports modules that add new capabilities to the board. It's literally plug, push, and play.

Interact with the physical world from sensing to actuation to connecting with other devices. Combine multiple modules for unique experiences. Each module has a first-party, open source library with instructions and tutorials available online.

Modules Available for Preorder

The future of everything is connected.

We want to build the next generation of devices, which is why the Tessel ships with Wifi built-in.

  • Push code from anywhere. Plug in Tessel via USB or interact remotely over Wifi, without needing physical access to your device.

  • The web as your backend. Respond to traffic APIs, post to social networks, or connect to your own server to coordinate devices, all with require('http').

  • Physical and digital. Tessel doesn't need a screen—you already have one in your pocket. Configure WiFi credentials and display an HTML interface served right from your Tessel to directly control your environment from our iOS and Android app.

Open source ecosystem.

Tessel's hardware designs are open source hardware (CC BY-SA). Its firmware and compiler will be open source software (MIT licensed) upon release.

Tessel is an open platform for you to integrate and remix. Want to contribute? Take a look at our design docs and libraries on Github, or reach out to the team. We're always excited to hear what the community is up to!

Tessel ships June 2014.
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Tech Specs

The Nitty

  • Programmable via JavaScript
  • Over 10 different hardware modules for added capabilities
  • Compatible with 10,000's of Node.js packages on NPM
  • Deploy over USB or remotely by WiFi

The Gritty

  • 180mhz ARM Cortex-M3 LPC1830
  • 32mb SDRAM
  • 32mb Flash
  • TI CC3000 WiFi radio
  • 20-pin GPIO bank for general prototyping
  • Micro USB or battery power